Short Stories

by Desmond White

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released November 11, 2013

Desmond White : Guitars, Voice, Bass
Ben Vander Wal : Drums (2,4,5,7)
Fabian Almazan : Piano (2,5,6,8)
Myla-Kato Duvally : Piano (8)
Mike Rivett : Tenor Saxophone (2)
Gian Slater : Voice (8)

all compositions by desmond white

tracks 5, 8 mixed by dave darlington at bass hit NYC
tracks 1-4, 6, 7, 9, 10 mixed by desmond white
vocals on 8 recorded by niko schauble
front cover art by alinta lucienne stoutjesdijk



all rights reserved


Desmond White New York, New York

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Track Name: Dancer
Front row seats and the lights go down
And the music plays
Twenty dancers all dressed up in green
Bright young smiles will they last much longer
As limbs get older
Come backstage, take what you need and run

And the curtain falls
And you go back home
Back to the earth
Dance on, little dancer, dance on, little dancer, dance on
Dublin left us broke and swaying
Cold and aching
Cobbled streets and memories lost in beer
Bridge by bridge, don’t look behind you
The crows are gaining
Watch the river, watch it take you home

And it’s closing night
And I’m nowhere near
And they will close your eyes
Dance on, little dancer, dance on, little dancer, dance on
Breath once more
Leave no trace
See through the smoke
And the wind and rain

Where are those years
They belong to you
Now do you see the truth
Dance on, little dancer, dance on, pretty dancer, dance on
Track Name: Brown Leaves
Through the wires I’ll be watching
As your evening fades to grey
As the teapot keeps you company
Lends an ear until the night
Well there’s no end in sight
Find someone though you might
I’ll crash into you again
In my room there is a ghost
She sleeps beside me in the morning
I watch her dress and brush her hair
Then she runs towards the light
But God puts up a fight
And flings her down through the clouds

Tell me the story of your silence
I’ll type it out on yellow paper
Maybe I’ll write a different ending
Where gleaming princes storm your tower
And there your leaves are going brown
But here the snow begins to melt
And I remember what you told me
That I’d be better off alone
Well I’m almost never right
And this song’s not quite right
So I’ll just buy you flowers
Next time I see you
Track Name: Green Card
Fly across the ocean
I’ll meet you at the station
Ride with me to city hall
Fall asleep on my shoulder
Dream of days to come
Weeks and months and years
Still I cook and clean
Follow close i’ll lead you to the end
Winter comes to make us fight
And cry and scream and run away
You can take the house and car
And I will take an Asian
But each day I’ll say your name
Sing the sings we used to sing
Lie about how much I drink
I thought we’d be together til the end
My hair is grey you’ve changed your name
Finally I swallow pride
Stalk your house and ring the bell
And pray the door will open
Maria I’m a fool
I wasted all that time
Chased you round the world
Please listen when I tell you that you’re
More than just a green card
Sweeter than a visa
Warmer than miami sun
Time has told me you’re the one
Track Name: Wait
When you walk out of here
Eyes ahead, don’t change your mind
Fade me out, year by year
Better men you’ll find
Crooked smiles to show the worl
Sunglass eyes to hide behind
Whiskey dreams of dancing girls
Better love you’ll find

Wait on me
Don’t wait on me
Wait on me
Lifetimes of eighteen months
All seasons painted grey
All men must live with shame
One by one, they float away
One by one, they rule the world
My frozen atmosphere
Hardening with time, so

Wait on me,
Don’t wait on me
Retrace the line
That left a trail of broken dreams
Ninety six ‘til the end of time
Oh God what kind
Of creatures did you leave behind
Release my mind
Release my mind
Track Name: Blue Tunnel
I, stand, here, with, no time
Lost in white light
When the hour comes
Please, don’t, look, down
Dreams are done, songs sung
To a small crowd, all gone
When the storm comes
I, won’t, try, to hide
Full colour memories of the mistakes
Of a selfish child
Then in black and white
Strange melodies, unsung
They teach me, and leave me cold
Leave us old, and I wake
Through the curtain
Fading light, turns the room to blue
With your last breath
Melody ringing