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04:29 video


released July 21, 2017

Desmond White - voice, acoustic/electric guitar, piano, bass & synths
Kate Kay Es, Raye Zaragoza - Voice
Carl Morgan - Guitar Solo
Mark Whitfield Jr., Nate Wood & Ben Vander Wal - Drums



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Desmond White New York, New York

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Track Name: Soundtrack
Red mark the days
They fall away like hair cut
Short the interview
We're not so sure if we'll see eye to eye
Can't look at you without my
Mind split in two the divide
Runs through the bed where we lie

Will you be the soundtrack
Will you light the corners of this dark room
Will you turn the camera round and show me
Will you be the soundtrack
Will you run the shadows out of this room
Will you turn the camera round and show me what I've become

Direct your gaze into the lens where
Time breaks down
I mark the frame where color spins your
Your mouth forming a sound
I hear it too
All the trust I never knew
With the film's grain breaking you into light

Will you be the soundtrack
Will you light the corners of this dark room
Will you turn the camera round and show me
Will you be the soundtrack
Will you run the shadows out of this room
Will you turn the camera round and show me what I've become

Will you live the sound track
can you light the way under a dark moon
Will you break your character and show me

Will you be the soundtrack
will you light the corners of this dark room
Will you turn the camera round and show me
Track Name: Still No
So you see yourself in my eyes
As I grow the lines on my face
As I grow the space between us
All I want is you to replace me

Now I know you're trying
And we all make bad choices
Now that moment comes

And you ask again but the answer is still no, still no
Ask again and you tell me still no, still no
Ask again and I hear those same words still no, still no
Ask again and the answer is still no, still no

And my friends they close around me
Feel how warm those old connections
Still that wind just blows right through
We break the circle, leave in all directions

And we feel it coming
All that snow and rain
And I see it all

And I realize that there's no time to waste, on you
Ask again, but the answer is still no
And after all the straight lines you traced on me
Now it's my turn to tell you please no

Now I want you
just to be here
You pretend to care

But in your eyes I see nothing glowing, for me
And in your smile I read the answer, still no
And in my wall the cracks are showing, slowly
And in the light that runs through, I see the answer
Track Name: Silence
Silence creeps up on me, late in the springtime
Songs they look up at me, all words that don't rhyme
And I'm afraid I'm not the one for you
I'm afraid of who I'd be for you
Would I live for you

See all the cherry trees, see the beginning
Out of the winter's dark, bright light is spinning
And after last time, boy you think I'd know.
After all the years of moving slow.

Let me try my luck once more with you
I know we said we're through
And if I try to run well hold on til
you see a sun brand new

All of my memories, time lapsed and fading
And each frame I watch myself, still hesitating
If you ask me will I change at all
All the lies I'll tell to break your fall

Let me find that other you
That doesn't bend or break in two
And if you find some other one
Well take that hand and run, just run….

Now I see that other you
that didn't bend or break in two
now you've found that silent one
who holds you when the day is done

Maybe after 10 more years
I'll face your children, meet my fears
And if I'm still alone then scream
Don't wait too long in both my ears
Track Name: Righteous Path
I took the righteous path for so long
But now I think I learned it all wrong
Do I just hide the shame from everyone
And do I leave my devil's work undone

He takes me dreams, still I wake alone

I hear that now's the time to settle down
Into a world where men don't play around
We wear the mask that keeps us in the game
To touch the skin of players with no name
Though I smell fear, still I stand my ground

Hey there, is it you I see
a body I once knew

I like to think that I'm above it all.
But lord on high it's just so far to fall
I drop to earth and break without a sound
You're not the one to pick me off the ground

As I repeat, time will flash on by

Slow down, can you try to be
the you that we set free
Track Name: Dream Girl
Take your time coz I want you to know
That in my mind There's a place for you
Stay asleep
I will wait for you to wake up

When we meet, I'll be mean to you
And when you smile
I won't know what to do
And if we lie down
I will ask you why you won't cry.

See my life flash
Right before me
See my/your weakness
hear my story
Where's my/your dream girl
And my/your dream world
There's no dream girl
And no dream world

Come meet my mother
She might forget your name
And my little brother
They say we look the same
Down the road, dear
When I take my leave of you

There's no timeline
Just these moments
Just this fantasy
A silly romance
What's your star sign
What's your blood type
Where's my dream girl
Where's my padded cell

Take your cue, from the seasons
Turning endlessly
Find a way around the reasons
Not to turn with me

Take all my doubts
And my fleetingness
Add in your fear
All points to pointless
But if the snow stops
And the weather holds
As the leaves come
All resistance folds

Broken open
Like a mussel shell
Spill your riches
You do that pretty well
Where's that money at
And where's the gamble
Where's my siren song
Where's my dream girl
Track Name: Like A Brother
That voice says you're running out of time
That voice says, you've left it too late
But I hear one more song
So help me sing for death to wait

That man and all of those people
they'll bring us a fighting chance
Draw near let the the band take over
Draw near there's room to dance

All those years crash into each other
All those fears dive and run for cover
And there she goes time the angry lover
Still I stand here beside you like a brother

We've run rings around sadness
We stay while others have fled
And i see 10 more birthdays
I see our stars, they say go ahead

All those years crash into each other
All your tears dry up on your lover
All those friends you've yet to discover
I stand here beside you like a brother
Track Name: Glace
Look out your window now
I woke up here somehow
I watched your shadow dance
Is this our only chance
Open the door and let me see your eyes
Lead us to the dark and our demise

Coz when you're old, I'll be gone
So everyone thinks there's something wrong
With you and me and wasting time
Well if it's a waste for you, it's not for me

I like the sun on your hair
We lie, not going anywhere
but someday this time just has to end
when into your memories I will blend

here it comes the question we both ask
will i be your first and you my last
And after the tunnel and the light
By the grace of God we reunite

As through the cold we stumble on
Never quite sure of what went wrong
Yes you I are just the same
Looking back at what became

Of all the time we gave away
The little death we felt each day
Or maybe we could look ahead
Or try look at now instead

And face the guilt and ride the fear
And fly to where the stars appear
They give us sage advice for free
To keep on wasting time on you and me
Track Name: I Want It To Show
It's the same time every year
A little visit from our greatest fear
With the tune that we all know
On your birthday, I'm watching you glow

Some were born to make their mark
While all the others run around in the dark
As we watch the sands run through
On your birthday, I slow down for you

there's an old game played and we both know how it feels
to win then lose then play it again, Sam I'm so tired
of running away
Lord teach me to stay

And I dream it's the first day all over again
we didn't know each other's secrets then
I wake to everyday sound
For your birthday, we’ll buy another round

Through the sorrow, we walked a long way
just now and then I have to fight through the day
and in the night I hope that you know
That I'm trying to trust and I want it to show

I want it to show (Repeat)
Track Name: Final Stand
When I think of what I left behind
In the air, I pushed you out of mind
Wake up I'm over foreign land
I wait til we make our final stand

In your sleep, you breathe into my ear
Long and deep, you breathe away my fear
Morning I try to show my hand
I say things to make you under

Here we stand playing out a mystery
As your teeth clench at my indecision
Where's the man you once said you saw in me
Every dream, just one more clouded vision

But just as the sky begins to wake up, wake up
And just as your eyes undo their make up
We take up

A ritual goodbye where no one speaks
We steel ourselves to make sure nothing leaks
Promise to meet on foreign land
Both asking, is this our final stand